Defiance Full Version and Crack Torrent Files Download

Defiance Full Version and Crack Torrent Files Download


Some die for it — but everyone kills for it. Our planet will be remembered for it — and possibly destroyed by it. It’s called Arktech, and it’s our future. Not so long from now, Earth erupts in all-out war, driven by men and aliens hell-bent on obtaining the powerful Arktech technology. In this dystopian world, massive battles are your daily reality, and it’s every man for himself. You’ll step onto the battlefield with a distinct advantage when you pre-order Defiance from and grab the exclusive Magforce BMG weapon. With its tachmag siphon system, you can tap the power of a hostile horde to work for your side. Brutal? Like nothing else. And it’s the brutal who will survive.

To everyone who thought they had seen it all — prepare to be met with Defiance. Part futuristic online open-world shooter and part television epic, Defiance turns the entertainment world on its head, blurring the boundaries between TV and gaming — and giving you direct impact over the characters’ fate. Enter the world of Defiance as a character of your own design, hunting the elusive alien technology that the whole world wants. High-octane vehicles and deadly weapons are your only chances for survival, but with enough skill and tenacity, you’ll level up to unlock upgrades and customization options. Forge alliances with players around the globe for huge co-op battles, but always be careful of whom you trust. You have one objective — Arktech. Will you choose to kill or be killed?


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