Fifa Soccer 13 Full ISO Torrent Files Download

Fifa Soccer 13 Full ISO Torrent Files Download

FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition (Kinect Compatible) Xbox 360 Cover Art


Recreate the drama and unpredictability of real-world football with FIFA 13.

The latest entry into this hugely successful series continues to push the boundaries of football games, creating a true battle for possession across the pitch, and connecting the fans to the sport – and to each other – more than ever before.

FIFA 13 delivers five new innovations in gameplay to revolutionise your matches, and more online features to make you really feel part of the beautiful game.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition Details

The FIFA Ultimate Team is a massive online community where over 5 million fans build, manage and compete with their dream football team against their fellow players, and FIFA 13 takes this beyond the game for a truly immersive experience. Buy, sell  and trade players with other Ultimate Team Members around the world, and access your account online to continue managing your team outside of the game – and beyond the confines of your console!

    • Build your ultimate football club the way real-world coaches and managers build the truly great football teams.
    • Match your dream team against your friends’ best teams whenever you want.
    • Create and manage multiple squads and take them into competition in online and solo single-player tournaments, all dynamically updated each week.

The FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition lets you build your Ultimate Team faster and stronger with 24 FUT Gold Packs. Delivered once a week for 24 consecutive weeks, these much-coveted packages include the world’s greatest players and rare in-game items to gradually build your squad. Keep the best players, auction off those who are underperforming and earn the money you need to put together best team possible – the Ultimate Team!

Each Gold Pack includes a mix of 12 items. Managers, players, stadiums, staff, fitness and healing, balls and more could be included, and you’re guaranteed to get at least one rare item, such as enhanced player attributes, longer contracts and the world’s best players.


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